25 Two Tone Hair Color Ideas You Will Fall In Love – Trends for 2019

Medium Red Hairstyle With Black Roots
Two Tone Hair Color Ideas


Do you like experiments? We are sure that you have already looked at the hair of two colors. Why not try it? Now, when the cloudy days have come, it is very important. Attention and admiring glances are assured to you!

Hair coloring in two colors. What for?

And then, that your image will immediately become unique. You will add depth to your hair and visually make it thicker. You can experiment with colors, emphasizing your individuality. Have you decided yet?

Brown To Orange Ombre Medium Red Hairstyle With Black Roots Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

How to choose your color?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the contrast of colors. Second, choose colors from the same color range, combine cold colors with cold colors and vice versa. Third, consider the skin tone!

Fourth, if you want to achieve natural shades of hair, then choose a color closer to your “native”. Fifth, do not be afraid to take risks!

Hair coloring in two colors: basic styles

1. Top / bottom layers – currently the most popular method. In this case, the upper part of the hair is painted in a light color, and the lower – in the dark. It happens and vice versa, the choice is yours!

Black Hair With Chocolate Highlights Mahogany Hair With Bright Red Balayage Two Tone Caramel Blonde And Brown Hair

Hair coloring in two colors step by step

If you decide to make the hair of two colors on their own, first read some recommendations. Be sure to choose shades that are suitable for you. Consider your style of dress, color type, eye color.

Prepare an old T-shirt or towel (you will need them to isolate the strands), petroleum jelly or greasy cream, two paints, shampoo and conditioner. Divide the hair into strands, given the method of dyeing.

Dark Brown Hair With Magenta Highlights Pastel Blue And Pink Wavy Bob Black Hair With Yellow Ombre

Cover the parts that you will be painting in a dark color with a T-shirt, securely fasten.
Apply light paint following the instructions. Wash away the paint and dry the hair. Important: wait until the hair is completely dry!

Cover the already painted areas and apply a dark color. Use a brush to not randomly dye blonde hair, act very carefully! Wash your head in the usual way.
Run to the mirror to admire the result! Just do not expect the effect immediately – after all, on dry hair, it will be more noticeable.

Hair coloring in two colors: ideas
See the world through rose-colored glasses! Or let him look at you …

Half Gray Half Neon Yellow Hair Brown And Lavender Wavy Bob Choppy Two Tone Bowl Cut Blonde Bob With Pink Peek-A-Boo Highlights Half Blue Half Purple Hair Purple To Gray Ombre Hair Neon Purple And Green Balayage Blonde Balayage For Brunettes Half Brunette Half Blonde Hair Purple Brown Hair With Yellow Highlights Half Blonde Half Blue Hair Brunette Two-Tone Bob With Bangs Red Hair With Blonde Fringe Black Hair With Nape Undercut Blonde To Brown Reverse Ombre Layered Shaggy Blonde And Brown Hairstyle Shorter Black Hair With Blonde Dip Dye Black Hair With Electric Blue Highlights Black And Platinum Hair Neon Teal And Pink Undercut Bob Pink And Blue Neon Hair Auburn Balayage For Dark Brown Hair Brown To Yellow Ombre Hair Long Lavender Balayage Hair Light Brown Balayage Hair Silver And Lavender Bob Silver And Teal Bob Bright Pink Balayage For Brown Hair Long Burgundy Balayage Hair African American Blonde And Brown Pixie Burgundy And Black Balayage Hair


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