Shadow Root Hair – 5 New Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends for 2019

Shadow Root Hair - 5 New Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends for 2019
Shadow Root Hair - 5 New Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends for 2019

Fashionable coloring slogan 2019 is a game of color that emphasizes the natural beauty of the hair. The tonality of the hair color should create harmony with the eye color and highlight not only the strands, but also all the beauty of the hair.

Any top stylist in the world of hairdressing will tell you that color is very delicate and complex art. To achieve the perfect effect from the coloring and to make it look natural, elegant and juicy, you need a hand of an experienced master.

Shadow Root Hair Long Hair with Shadow Root Blunt Bob with Natural Root Blend

When choosing a color and type of staining, always remember that all people are divided into four color types (therefore the master must first determine your color type):

In modern technology of hair coloring uses a huge number of different shades and combinations to meet the needs of any client. Fashionable coloring 2019 consists of natural shades, where the borders and transitions are smooth and barely noticeable, as if you are applying shadows and shading, and in coloring. And most importantly – it is a high-quality coloring, which is able to preserve the structure of the hair along the entire length.

Hair dyeing techniques 2019

Blonde Shadow Root And Flower Braid Beige Balayage and Brunette Shadow Root Pastel Purple Shadow Roots For Blondes

Shatush gives curls the effect of burnout in the sun, it is also called French highlighting. This coloring is suitable for both light and dark hair. Coloring is quite complicated, because the master must carefully shade the tone to create the effect of naturally burnt hair. The roots are not affected during dyeing, and the ends are traditionally lightened and, if desired, are colored in the desired shade.

Coloring shatush allows you to achieve a smooth and the most natural transition between shades. In this coloration, there should not be sharp jumps and transitions from one tone to another, this is the trend of 2019.

The main advantage of shatush coloring is the absence of the need for constant correction. Regrown roots are hidden due to the unique features of the technology, but this technology requires the work of an experienced master.

Choppy Gray Bob with Root Shadow Rainbow Roots for Pearl Blonde Lob Shadow Root Dyeing Process Face-Framing Balayage with Shadow Root Colorful Shadow Root Options Fiery Red Waves with Darkened Roots Rose Gold Roots for Blonde Bob


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