34 Absolutely Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas for Auburn Strawberry Blonde

Red Hair Color Ideas for Auburn Strawberry Blonde
Red Hair Color Ideas for Auburn Strawberry Blonde

Red Hair Color Ideas for Auburn Strawberry Blonde

Fiery hair back in fashion. This bright and provocative hair color can completely transform any girl. Make yourself comfortable, we will tell you about the benefits of red hair color: to whom it goes, what dyeing techniques are, the best dyes and how to care for your hair.

Trendy red hair has both advantages and disadvantages. We will understand in more detail so that you can make an informed decision about a cardinal change of image.

Red pluses:

Using red hair you can create a unique and fashionable image;
red color easily fits on any hair and fits perfectly with any haircut;
for temporary coloring in dark red brunettes do not necessarily pre-lighten hair;
large selection of shades. red color is suitable for young girls and mature women.

Red cons:

It is difficult to maintain the saturation of red, it is necessary to regularly update the hue, the red pigment is quickly washed out;
bright red hair can emphasize redness and imperfections of the face;
red color attracts too much attention, can be perceived by others aggressively;
Red color requires a more elegant wardrobe, otherwise you risk looking cheap and tasteless.

Does hair length matter?

The most impressive red color looks on long and short hair. The owners of medium-length hair can best beat the color, using a ragged haircut and layers. The texture will help make the hair more interesting.

How to remove the red tint from the hair?

Oils and shampoos of deep cleansing contribute to washing out the color, but the red pigment can sit on certain areas of the hair for a long time. For maximum removal, it is recommended to use neutralizers, for example, Colorista Fader from L’Oréal.

It is not necessary to independently select funds with green pigment (it neutralizes red), since they can give unpredictable results. It is better to trust the master and wash off the color in the cabin with special products!

Features care for red hair

We learned from our experts effective life hacking, which will help preserve the color for a long time!

How to keep the color so that it does not wash out?

Wash your hair less often, prolong the freshness of the hairstyle with dry shampoos.
Use thermal protection when laying and UV filters in the sun. A heat-resistant primer for dyed hair, such as R.A.W, Color Care from Matrix, is well suited.
Pick a range of shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair, such as Color Obsessed.
Use protective masks and sprays to shine dyed hair.
Do not wash your head with boiling water, only cool water or room temperature.
Use heating appliances less frequently.

If you want to try yourself as a diva with a red head of hair, then the easiest and easiest way is to temporarily paint.

These tools can be used at home:

Tonics: This tool can change the natural hair color in several shades. Choose a shade close to yours or darker. It is simple to use tonic: apply on clean damp or dry hair and stand the time according to the instructions, and then wash off.
Sprays Coloring from a canister is perfect for those who want to change the image for a day. Cover your shoulders with a wrap or waste towel and distribute the dye on dry hair.
Crayons: They work in a way similar to spray technology and are suitable for one-day Dyeing: Cover your shoulders, wear gloves and apply dye on dry hair.
Jelly: One-day paint, which is applied with gloves on already dry hair. The advantage of jelly is that it simultaneously fixes the hair.

Fashionable techniques of coloring red tinged strands

The most fashionable and most difficult coloring is a combination of different colors and shades. It is not necessary to completely dye your hair red, you can use current techniques. This is a great option for those who do not want to regularly tint the roots, and for girls who already have discolored hair in these techniques.

How to choose your shade of red

Shades of red can be very much (from pink tones to dark red and black and red), and the coloring options depend only on your imagination and professionalism of the master. Who is the red hair color, and who is not, what shades to choose – we understand together.

Red color can be selected regardless of age. The main criteria are the color of the skin, its condition and the color of the eyes.

Red shades are very well suited for women of the autumn and winter color types, they are in perfect harmony with freckles and tan. Dark skin effectively emphasizes all the bright red hues, although all the dark variants are also excellent.

For girls with fair skin, the choice of pigments is much wider: from light red and more faded to crimson and bright fiery.
To achieve a rich red color can be different dyes and in different techniques. Should we entrust our hair to a professional or, perhaps, it is better to experiment on our own, how to choose a dye – we sort the items together with our experts.


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