17 Rainbow Hair Color Inspirations to Join the Unicorn Tribe

Rainbow Hair Color
Rainbow Hair Color

No matter how much mothers and grandmothers protest, modern young beauties will still check if their hair is colored. It all started with blue or pink strands that looked quite modest.

Over time, the staining area increased, and the colors became more and more bright. And now – a new trend! For those who still doubt which shade to choose, stylists suggest using all colors together. What is a rainbow in your hair?

short undercut hairstyle and rainbow hair medium length rainbow hair funky asymmetrical rainbow hairstyle

Our authors closely followed the fashionable trend of dyeing hair in unusual colors. Experts have published valuable tips for girls on how to properly and beautifully dye their hair blue. Then we collected a very interesting photo gallery of girls with lavender hair.

And, finally, we suggested to the most courageous experimenters how to choose one of 10 shades of pink hair, which is most suitable for skin tone. This is a harmonious combination of 5-8 different bright colors imitating a rainbow. Boldly? Yes! Bold, beautiful, original, bright!

violet hair with pink and platinum highlights rainbow hair with dreadlocks curly green mohawk with purple sides

Rainbow hair: the craziest choices Multicolored squares The entire area of ​​coloring is divided into four parts and painted in different colors. If some strands are lifted into the hair, then an interesting mix turns out: the colors mix and intertwine. Such a rainbow is not too difficult to do. Even a novice hairdresser to cope with this task.

Hidden rainbow in the hair Do you have doubts? Today you want to drastically change the color of the hair, and tomorrow you are going through, isn’t it too bold to look like? And how will the boss, colleagues, relatives react? And what will you do if after a week of being “rainbow” you get bored?

long layered rainbow hair short rainbow hair rainbow hair with dreadlocks

The best solution for you is a rainbow under the top layer of hair. Hidden rainbow will be visible only when you want. In this case, the top layer of hair remains the usual light, sometimes dark shade. Iridescent hair inside will be visible only if you lift the unpainted top and release color madness at will.

Rainbow hair layered This variation is performed in a similar technique. In the process of coloring the top layer of hair is lifted, fixed with a clip. A thin layer on the back of the head is painted in the chosen color. Then another layer is separated in the same way and colored with another bright shade. The number of color layers may be different. Thus, the loose falling hair has one color, and in the hairstyle there will be a multi-colored madness.

pastel ombre hair blonde hair with rainbow highlights bright red ombre violet hair with rainbow ends chestnut hair with rainbow highlights electric blue and magenta hair color pastel rainbow bob wavy bob and green hair color ash blonde to blue long ombre hair platinum hair with purple and pastel pink highlights long curly rainbow hair


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