30 Beautiful Pink Highlights for Summer – Hair Color Inspirations 2019

black bob with fuchsia balayage
Pink Highlights

Good news for those who are tired every three to four weeks to win the treacherous gray hair, again and again making its way to the roots. Silver-colored hair with an ash tint is back in fashion again.

An important point: the natural color does not mean that it will save. To get really beautiful silver on your hair, you will need to first lighten them to at least 9-10 tones, and then apply, most likely, not one specific dye, but a mix of several shades.

Pink Highlights

Pink Highlights for Brown Hair pastel pink highlights for brown hair blonde and pink bobOnly a professional hairdresser who will assess the condition of your hair and guess how silver will fall on your previous color will be able to pick them up correctly. Be sure to consult with a specialist and about the method of coloring: hair will look more interesting if you paint it in the technique of sombre or balayazh.

It will help you to choose your hair conditioner. It will be more interesting to make it a bit more fun if you need it.

Quite fresh (it was presented literally before the New Year holidays), but an extremely topical painting technique. The bottom line is that to the main – usually light and glossy – hair tint are added contrasting glare – pink, purple, green, coral, in general, to your taste.

pastel pink hair with blonde highlights straight blonde hair with pink highlights pastel pink wavy bob

In past seasons, colorists actively mixed honey with various shades of pink. In 2019, a completely natural and pure honey blond takes the stage. It is good both in a mono-color format and in various graded techniques, where wide strands of this shade highlight the main hair color.

Booking for ten years has not surrendered its top positions, and the 2019th is no exception. The coming season only boosted contrast. In the trend – a brond on the hair of dark cold shades, combined with bright gold strands.

bronde hair with pastel pink highlights bronde bob with pastel pink balayage brown and pastel pink lob

This is a graduated dyeing technique – shatush, balayazh, ombre – in which the basic red color (any tone can be chosen – from scarlet to mahogany color) the strands to the tips become lighter, metallized. As a result, the hair looks as if it is highlighted from below.

The Panton Color Institute gave this bright, glowing shade the title of the main color of 2019, and this fact did not pass by the attention of colorists. If you’re ready to experiment, give the strands a cheerful pink-orange color.

In the trend there are both monochrome variants and a “live” mix of several shades of coral, turning into each other. The color is good because it can be adjusted to any skin tone by adding “warmth” using orange or “cold” using pink.

long bronde to pastel pink ombre hair blonde bob with light pink highlights light pastel pink balayage highlights

Colorists recommend to refuse warm chocolate this season. Cold is in fashion: in the English-speaking segment of the Internet, this shade of brown is even called “mushroom brown”, emphasizing its vegetable tones — gray, marsh, blue …

This shade is due to the popularity of the Kardashian family, and it is not surprising that he demands an arrogant approach to himself in Kardashian. Smooth, thick, with a mirror shine – this is what hair should be in order for ink-black to play on it. If you achieve this quality of hair, the color will look great on both straightened and curled hair.

coral pink bob with brown roots blonde lob with pastel pink highlights blonde to pastel pink ombre strawberry blonde bob with pastel pink highlights long brown hair with pink balayage highlights brown hair with lavender and pastel pink balayage subtle pink highlights for blonde hair black hair with caramel and pink balayage short flaxen blonde hair with pink balayage brown to pink ombre bob dark brown bob with pastel pink balayage pink balayage for brunettes pastel pink ombre hair dark brown hair with pink balayage pastel pink balayage for brown hair blonde hair with pink peekaboo highlights dark brown bob with magenta peekaboo highlights brown hair with subtle pink highlights magenta balayage for black hair black hair with pink ends black hair with pink highlights brown hair with pink ombre highlights purple to pink long ombre hair Lavender Hair with Pink Highlights black bob with fuchsia balayage magenta and pink highlights for brown hair curly brown hair with pastel pink highlights


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