Hair Smudging Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair

Brown Layered Hair With Gloss Smudging

This example is about changing hair color. This task is quite popular and can be of particular interest to designers of hairstyles and fans of digital photography. Indeed, everyone is interested in seeing themselves or loved ones with a new hair color, without risking anything (unlike experiments with real coloring).

There are many ways to change the color of the desired area. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, may seem simple in performance and relative in quality or cause sufficient difficulties in implementation, but at the same time provide the best appearance. We will consider the most balanced method in this respect, which without special efforts will allow displaying a significant number of color options.

Blonde Hair With Gloss Smudging Brown Layered Hair With Gloss Smudging

First you need to select the area of the image on which we will work, that is, the hair itself. The most convenient method of selection in this case is the quick mask. Remember to invert the selection after exiting the quick mask mode.

Copy the circled image area to the clipboard and paste it onto a new layer. Now we can work with hair separately, without affecting the original image and not being afraid to subject it to changes. Thus, we realize one of the main advantages of working with layers – without affecting the state of the original image, we in detail correct the selected fragments using all the necessary tools for this.

We will try to recolor the hair of a woman in a photograph in a natural color. Consider two simple options for the formation of color.

Smudged Hair With Caramel Highlights Strawberry Blonde Smudging


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