20 Green Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

Black Hair With Green Balayage
Green Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

Green Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

Both in make-up and manicure, and in coloring, trends should not push to mindless copying. It is rather ideas that can be inspired when you want change.

Choosing fashionable colors, remember that the shade should be in harmony with your color type and correspond to a number of other characteristics. So it is worth getting acquainted with the trends in order to then choose among them “your own”.

Black Hair With Green Balayage Teal Ombre Hair Black Hair With Green Balayage


This year there are so many ideas for coloring that one of the first tasks is not to get lost. The abundance of trends is encouraging. After all, this means that every girl will be able to find a suitable option. What is hair coloring now, in 2019, in fashion for medium-length, long and short hair?

Monochromatic coloring is a classic for hair of any length. However, the really long hair often lacks the volume that can be created due to color transitions and overflows. Therefore, dyeing using several shades will be the most optimal solution.

Pastel Green Ombre Hair Black Bob With Emerald Green Highlights Long Blue And Green Hair

Still do not go out of fashion techniques of lightening hair, which allow you to keep the natural color at the roots, and below gently turn it into a blond. One of the most relevant combinations of shades called toasted coconut, or “roasted coconut” (imagine roasted coconut chips). If you want to stay within the natural range, do not strive for too bright a contrast between the roots and the tips.

But bold dyeing in bright colors, on the contrary, welcomes: a noticeable novelty in 2019 in dyeing hair is a technique called gem roots (“precious roots”), which provides a contrasting combination of color roots with the original color, as in the photo. This result looks spectacular and blondes, and brunettes, and blond.

Pixie With Green And Purple Balayage Black And Blonde Bob With Green Dip Dye Pastel Purple Hair With Green Streaks

Select the focus on a specific color. In monochromatic dyeing, darker shades are often used. In fashion, for example, chestnut – having chosen for themselves the option of darker or lighter, try at least once (for the sake of experiment) to do without glare.

A brighter result will give a copper tint, which combines red and red colors; It looks best on straight hair with a smooth glow.

Another noticeable trend is “brond”, which implies a transition from light to dark shades (and vice versa). On medium-length hair, this solution also works well. There are options that require courage. For example, expressive may be the coloring with ash-gray, which is closer to the tips becomes a pearl blond. Pearl shades, the color of sparkling champagne or roses – another attractive trend.

Teal Hair With Lime And Yellow Highlights Long Teal Ombre Hair Silver Gray Hair With Mint Balayage

Graphic square and “boyish” pixie look boldly and without staining. But if you decide on a bold haircut, you can go ahead and supplement it with a radically new color.

Among the fashionable options for a short haircut is a platinum blond or its fresh modification ghosted hair. So called staining in a “ghostly” silver shade with blue or green tint.

Black Bob With Blue And Green Balayage Green Ombre With Yellow Peekaboo Highlights Platinum Bob With Blue And Green Dip Dye

Brunettes can look at the staining in a shade of pink gold. On dark hair, it will look unusual, but the result will be soft, without a clear focus on the catchy color.

With the onset of the warm season, many traditionally lighten the hair to refresh the image. In the new season, you can experiment with any staining in light shades. This may be the same modern hair dye toasted coconut, if you like the soft transition from roots to ends, and opal hair (glowing) from the inside (opal hair is also among the notable trends of the current year), and ghosted hair is an option which is more suitable for lovers of cold tones.

Pastel Pink And Green Hair Teal To Gray Lob With Bangs Brown Hair With Green Peekaboo Highlights Pastel Green To Gray Ombre Brown Hair With Blue And Green Streak


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