28 Crazy Fun Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes That Really Rock Your Hair

Fun Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes
Fun Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Crazy Fun Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

If you think that brunettes are more satisfied with life than blondes, then you are mistaken. Blondes can be platinum, “gray hair” and even “dirty”, etc., but brown hair is just … brown. Right?

Wrong. In fact, there are many ways to dye your hair and stay brunette. Below you will see our favorite hair color ideas for brunettes, from natural blends to crazy pop shades. Do not forget to print your favorite photo for the next salon visit.

Classic Ombre

Ombre hair began to make wavy a few years ago, such stars as Jessica Alba, Chrissie Teigen and J. Lo, flaunting as perfectly mixed brunette and blonde. This look is more natural than some other painting methods, thanks to the gradual disappearance from root to tip. In addition, you do not need to worry about the fact that hair looks bad when the roots grow – this will only add your appearance!

Chocolate mix

Plain brown is a crap, but rich, hot chocolate color is an absolute must. Try it. Whether it is a brunette glaze that will lighten and brighten your brown curls, or subtle toning using different shades of black to get the perfect, decadent look. This is a safe option for beginners who want their hair color to be improved, not changed.

Icy Gray Brunette

If the bright tips seem too ordinary for your taste, the brown-gray fading is the newest, most unusual shade. Distinctly gray and silver tones not only look carelessly cool, but also create a miracle for early gray-haired women who, by the way, also want to cuddle!

Ash Brunette

Bright look is a cool shade of warm, summer light bands loved by many. The perfect ash blonde exists somewhere between gray and gold. To lighten the black curls and give them much needed volume, the hairstyle is dyed using a sweeping style, when the color is mixed starting from the roots and becomes more noticeable at the ends of the hair.

Hidden Rainbow

For the daredevil with office work, the only way to realize your fantasies about mermaids and unicorns is to choose the so-called hidden work with paint. This means that the top layer of hair looks completely natural, but when you lift the hair upward a layer of “secret” color is found.


Blonette is the perfect combination of a brunette and a blonde that has become popular thanks to celebrities such as Blake Lively. This hairstyle is tried and tested easily. This can be a great first step if you plan to eventually become a full blonde.

Dusty Pink

If your older sister has made herself a “Spout of Pink Gold”, then think about the “Dusty Pink” hairstyle. There are no warm colors, but the pop color makes the hair interesting and trendy. it

If the thought of bleaching your beautiful dark hair scares you, choosing a universal glaze is the perfect way to give your eyes a bit of color. The red tint can “warm up” dull brown curls giving them an almost burgundy look. In addition, the procedure of applying the glaze adds strength and shine to the hair, so you leave the salon with new forces to change your life.
Tanned highlight. Adding just a few blonde strands around your face can completely change your look, warming your look and giving you a finished “after-dress” hairstyle. To avoid hair breaking, maintain a more golden tint, avoiding white or platinum colors. It is necessary to process all the curls, and not just near the face, so that there is a more natural look of the “kiss of the sun.”

This is a unique shade somewhere between an ash blonde and a light chestnut. Both cold and warm tones of blondes perfectly match this “mushroom” color. This is a subtle shade, the same color that Instagram likes, naturally cool.

If you know that your hair tends to be slightly reddened when it is discolored, then rose gold will be the perfect way to get rid of the shackles of black hair while keeping the roots dark. This is the kind of color that gets better as it disappears. What begins as a warm, brownish-pink tone will eventually become a reddish-pink-favored rock star.

This smoky black coloring is really stunning – and this is proof that you do not need to become a blonde to shake up your look. In addition, dark dyes are healthier for hair than bleaching, so your locks will be grateful to you.

If you like the look of dark, almost black brown hair, but you want to run a little wild, add pop colors to the ends of your hair – the perfect solution. Immerse the tips of your hair in the paint to get a carefree look! Or make a melt like the idea above for a smooth transition. Blue or cyan will look more common, but they are also suitable for wearing if neon pink is not suitable for your daily work.


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