27 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas That Make You Say “Wow!”

Rose Gold Hair Color
Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Hair Color

Gold Pink Hair Colors

Fashion for certain colors and shades can walk in a circle for several years or regularly come back into use every few seasons. Now the rebirth is experiencing a powdery shade of pink, which in the palette of hues is designated as rose gold, and its popularity has lasted for several fashionable seasons in a row. Today, world celebrities and instagram celebrities dye their hair in this color of classical interiors and make-ups.

How rose gold trend appeared Pink has a long history in the world of fashion and beauty. Almost every one of his shades corresponds to a certain style that has brought him popularity: for example, if pure and bright fuchsia is punk, then the color of pink powder is vintage elegance. The pink-gold (reference to precious metal) combines two luxurious colors into something unique, elegant and stylish.

In make-up, the course for gold has been taken for a long time – it is not only always an actual element of holiday collections and a part of the general fashion for metallic shades, but also just one of the colors with which you can experiment in any way. Pink, especially in more delicate shades, has become indispensable in natural make-up nude and innocent make-ups a la Lolita, which will not cease to be fashionable, at least in the next few seasons.

Pink and gold – together and separately – dominated the Christmas collections of 2019/2020, but in a democratic fashion rose gold received special demand in 2019, continuing to remain in trends in 2020.

Last season many celebrities experimented with rose gold (which is what Bella Hadid’s or Salma Hayek’s wig is at at a party in Cannes), but this time heavy artillery joined the trend: Blake Lively, Kaylee Jenner, Katie Perry, Hayley showed off with a gentle powdery coloring Baldwin, Sienna Miller, El Fanning and many others. The love for the pink shade, which we often call it “strawberry blond”, unites the stars from Jemima Kirk to Kate Hudson.

The tonality of pink gold is warm golden with peach: often the hair color “pink gold” has a tendency to attract warmer shades, because pink is close to peach, and golden – to yellow. This is very good for women who have darker skin, but for owners of pale skin such a shade would be a good choice.

Lavender and ashy blond: cool shades of pink gold are perfect for girls with a light shade of skin and hair. If your hair by nature has shades of light-brown, then violet-ash-pink will be much better combined with your type of appearance.

Rose gold balayazh: balayazh dyeing technique does not lose popularity due to a more natural look than the same ombra, but it does not damage the scalp and does not need frequent visits to the master and tinting hair when the roots grow. It is an ideal choice for those who have a darker natural shade and want to avoid frequent discoloration. The color of rose gold goes well with almost all natural shades of hair, so you can dye only the lower part of the hair, not caring about the upper part at the roots, or paint a few strands near the face in shades of bright pink and gold.

Alas, this color on the hair, like any blond, needs careful support, but is easily corrected, so you can not be afraid to try different shades. The most safe option is the presence of a platinum base, but a soft pink color can successfully lie on natural blond hair and on artificial warm shades.

To preserve the color of pink gold a little longer and in the most attractive form, use our tips: Use shampoo for colored hair marked “without sulfates” – it gently cleanses the hair and helps to keep the color in a beautiful, original state. Do not use shampoo too often. Frequent washing quickly washes away the color and does not benefit the hair. Washing every day is equivalent to going to the salon for a new coloring in a week. Find a middle ground between frequency and purity, gradually taming the hair for a rarer washing.


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