21 Mint Green Hairstyles That Are Totally Amazing

Wavy Pastel Green Hair

Green hair is a great way to stand out. Editorial ATH talks about the most fashionable green shades.

Who will fit green hair? Young soul and body always want to stand out from the crowd. An excellent solution – bold hair color. Green tones of hair, from neon green to sea green, are more popular than ever. Do not believe that it may look good? We will convince you!

Pastel Blue Hair With Silver Balayage Pastel Green Ombre Lob Light Pastel Green Bob Blunt Pastel Green Bob Pastel Blue Undercut Hairstyle

1-If you are interested in a temporary effect, a mascara for hair or a colored spray is best – you can flash at a party or a concert and calmly return to the usual color in the morning.

2-If you are ready to amaze friends for a week or two, choose a tinted shampoo.

3-If you have already experimented and truly fell in love with green hair, then your choice is a resistant dye. Before such dyeing you will need to lighten your hair a lot. Make sure that both you and your strands are ready for this. To restore the hair after the procedure, use a hair mask instead of conditioner – after each wash. For example, Dove Balm Mask “Intensive Recovery” is suitable for these purposes. The mask should be kept on the hair just 1 minute. Thanks to the Keratin Repair technology, the mask helps to restore the hair structure from the inside.

mint green hair Mint Green And Lime Hair With Dark Roots Wavy Pastel Green Hair Pastel Colored Messy Bob Mint To Silver Ombre Lob

4-Important: do not save on dyeing means, the health of your hair depends on it. It is best to carry out the coloring in the cabin of a professional master.

Incorrectly selected shade of green will give your skin a painful look.

If your natural hair color has a warm shade, give preference to a shade with a warm shade or a shade of yellow: for example, a bright yellowish-green, emerald, neon-light green.Fair-haired girls, as well as ashy blondes, fit the cool shades of green: for example, mint, bluish-green, aquamarine, smoky dark green.

Light Mint Hair With White Highlights Pastel Blue Pixie Bob Short Mint Green And Lavender Hair Long Mint Green To Pastel Purple Ombre Purple To Mint Ombre Bob

Bright saturated colors will decorate dark-haired girls, especially if you make an ombre or color highlights.

If you plan to make a color or rainbow coloring, remember that green goes well with turquoise, purple, gray and pink.If the green color was a surprise to you – it is unpleasant. Green hair color may turn out randomly: for example, as a result of an attempt to give a cool shade to a reddish hair without a prior brightening. There are several home ways to get rid of the “green” in your hair.

1-The most effective, but also the least benign way is decapsing, that is, removing colors using cosmetics. Depending on the exposure time and the composition of the damping emulsions, the hair either becomes discolored or acquires its original shade.

Short Mint And Silver Hair Light Pastel Green Hair Pastel Rainbow Hair Teal To Gray Ombre Long Pastel Mint Hairstyle

1-An undesirable shade will help remove tomato juice. It contains a large amount of acid, so it effectively removes paint. Natural tomato juice is applied over the entire length of the hair and incubated for 30-40 minutes. Then the juice is washed off with a moisturizing balm. Ideal balm-conditioner “Soft care” from Timotei. It does not contain silicones, dyes and parabens and gently moisturizes the hair over its entire length.                                2-Attention: remember that the effect of natural ingredients is not always predictable, so it is always best to do an allergy test and / or consult a professional hairdresser.

3-Brighten too bright color will help lemon juice. To do this, it is mixed with water in a ratio if 1 to 2 and applied to the hair for 30 minutes. If desired, the concentration of lemon juice can be increased.
4-If you want to wash off the color gradually, taking care of your hair, natural oils are the perfect solution. Hairline “Burdock” brand “Pure Line” will gradually help the undesirable color to turn pale, as well as strengthen the roots and moisturize the strands tired of paint. A similar effect will give and heated coconut oil.

Ash Blonde Hair With Mint Highlights


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