20 Gimme the Blues: Bold Blue Highlight Hairstyles

messy ash blonde hairstyle

Blue hair color is much more popular than green hair, even though both of these scales are considered unnatural due to the impossibility of natural origin. And, nevertheless, for a girl a deep dark blue color looks much more noble and more natural than shades of dark emerald green and, moreover, light and bright tones of green.

And this is not surprising, because such shades as navy, with which we often associate the color range of officer blazers with golden buttons, or “midnight blue”, almost always look incredibly noble both on long hair and on a perky short haircut.

brown hair with pastel blue balayage

black curly hairstyle with blue highlights brown blonde hairstyle with light blue highlights angled choppy bob with blue highlights medium brown hairstyle with pastel blue highlights

If you are brave enough to enter into the image of a new gothic diva for some time, its hair is in harmony with fashionable blazers or the color of the night sky, then you should familiarize yourself with the features of your future image that you can both like and make opt for any other shade for the hair.

Dark blue hair may suit you if you have dark brown eyes and naturally dark blond hair. This color type is “contrasting winter” or “Italian winter”, which always takes well the deep shades of blue and violet for clothing and makeup.

blue wavy bob hairstyle long black hair with blue highlights black hair with solver and blue highlights layered black hairstyle with blue highlights long blonde hair with pastel blue highlights

If you have gray or blue eyes, then you can try on brighter shades of blue, such as royal, azure, juicy sapphire. This hair color goes well with pale skin and makes the eye color even brighter and more expressive.

We present 20 photos of girls with blue hair that can inspire you to further changes.Is blue color on your favorites list? Do you like to experiment, consider yourself a bright, extraordinary person and are ready to emphasize this visually in your image? Then you might well like the idea of giving a blue hue to your hair, especially since this color is now more than ever in trend. SalonSecret experts will tell all about this color and even more.

black hair with blue highlights blue and teal balayage for brown hair medium wavy brunette hairstyle pastel blue hair medium curly black hairstyle with blur highlights

Why did this color win the love of fashionistas around the world? Saturated noble blue tunes in a positive way, soothes and gives harmony. In addition, blue shades emphasize the depth of the dark tone of the hair, adding personality to it.

In this case, bright colors can significantly highlight the existing imperfections of the skin: acne, freckles, and circles under the eyes, so be careful when choosing a tone for coloring: it may be worth paying attention to other colors in the palette. Your master will tell you about this before performing the procedure.

messy ash blonde hairstyle blue highlights for black hair pastel-colored choppy bob pastel blue curly hairstyle blonde and blue hairstyle with two braids


Colored strands on your hair is easy to do. To date, you can not only choose any shade of hair, but also the time it stays on your hair (note that only an experienced colorist can do this!).

We will tell about the intricacies of color transformation.

Perhaps the main question for girls eager to experiment. It is the answer to it that determines the health and condition of the hair.

On light brown hair, it is quite possible to achieve dim blue and violet shades without bleaching. But if you want a radically bright, saturated or pastel color on dark hair, then a preliminary brightening before toning is necessary.

Moreover, pastel shades may require more than one dyeing procedure, but several to make the transition smooth and less traumatic to the hair. An experienced colorist will accurately determine the scope of work and the need for discoloration, as well as give the necessary recommendations for the care of damaged hair as a result of complex dyeing.


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